Oceanic Odaiba

Off to the coast we go this time.  Odaiba is a small island off Tokyo popular with a huge shopping centre, and a fake beach.  Tried to arrive just around sunset to take some nice shots with my camera.  Still really getting used to my Canon semi-SLR.  It is a massive difference from my old point and shoot, but it still does not compare to a real DSLR.  


On the monorail going there.

Arriving just in time for sunset pictures

Opps focused on the glass..

The walkway outside the mall.  The platform for the next couple of shots.

Bye bye sun

Shy sun hiding behind the building

Almost gone

Just about gone

And just a couple of seconds later.

Very interesting clouds

The same view by night a couple of hours later

With a 4 second exposure.

Bye bye for now.

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