3 weeks

3 weeks left and counting…

Returning back to roots, a friend is visiting Tokyo, so we tried to pack as much eating in as possible.


Sushi set

Sooo fresh, juicy and perfect.   Ahh..


Other meals included tsukemen (ramen that you dip)

And here is the sauce you dip it in.

Quite different from usual ramen.  I think I prefer it when everything is together, but it was good to try something different.  The ramen noodles were cold for one and even though the soup was hot, it wasn’t really enough to warm it up.

And of course a little side order of gyoza

Japanese fusion

Hayashi rice.  Original and bitter sauces, separated by the rice, with wagyu beef steak at the top and foie gras at the bottom.

Beef hash. Served rare.  With special Kyoto soy sauce.  Yum!  Before I came to Japan I did not think I would enjoy almost raw beef, but that has now changed!  It might be a bit risky to eat this in the UK though…


The poor little buns look up in terror…

But the seals and turtles seem to be happy to be eaten

Meanwhile other buns scream in terror.  Mr. lifeguard too

And the source of all this trouble.  Erupting volcano.  And to make things worse, a huge T-rex is running around too.

Everyone put their arms up in despair.

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