Washington 4 – Monuments, Ben’s Chilli and the International Spy Museum

Now for some monuments!  First up, the Lincoln Memorial

And inside a place to sit

Unfortunately the reflecting pool has dried up.  I won’t make any parallels with the American economy…

And a couple of sombre reminders.  The Korean War.

Our nation honors

our sons and daughters

who answered the call

to defend a country

they never knew

and a people

they never met

Freedom is not free…

Outside the Roosevelt memorial

And reflections in the water

Freedom.  But then what about slavery?

Next we went up the Washington monument

The view west.  The WWII memorial, the reflecting lake and lastly the Lincoln Memorial

East, the Mall, the Smithsonian museums to the left and right, and right in front, Capitol Hill

North, and a little white house.

After this was a quick visit to another Washington Landmark.

Ben’s Chilli!

Chilli burger

Chilli fries

Now I know why its so easy to put on weight in the US.  The food isn’t very healthy, but it sure taste good and is cheap!

Then to indulge in some covert espionage.


Spy Museum

Unfortunately, no pictures allowed :(.  It was quite an interesting visit where we even go to go on the ultimate spy game which involved spy cameras, opening a safe, hot wiring circuits and interrogating a witness.  The darker side of democracy…

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