Hyde Park Triathlon

Dropped by to see the Hyde Park triathlon.

For some of the professional athletes, this was their chance to qualify for the Olympics.  They will also be racing exactly the same course that will be used for the actual Olympics triathlon in 2012.

For 4000 lucky amateur races it was also their chance to taste a bit of olympic glory!

Of course, if you are an elite participant, you don’t have to put up with the masses

You get a special spot.  And it even has your country in case you forget what you are fighting for.

And the crowds were out in force!

And off they go.  Follow the boaty…

And again

Don’t let it get too far away

Next, they jumped the bike

And got closer

Note the Brownlee brothers on the right

And then they went screaming past.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to stay for the run.  But I later found out that Alistair Brownlee won.  Well done!

My turn next week…


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