Legendary Ledbury

So after all the rioting, I needed a bit of a break.

A friend was also visiting from Korea, so off we went for a special treat!

The Ledbury.  2 Michelin stars.

Its a bit hard to see, but the door to the restaurant is missing.

Why you ask?

Rioters I say.

They broke the door (I kid you not).

Fortunately they didn’t steal any cooking equipment.  Just the jewellery.

A little amuse bouche of fois gras chips.

First course.

These are chicken wings.

With a potato risotto.  What’s this?  Its when you cut up potato into rice sized pieces.  Then you cook them like risotto, with mushrooms.  Stir in the butter, simmer for a long time.  And of course then sprinkle with truffle.  How was it?  Oh so divine.  And very clever!

And my friend had, frogs legs!

With a puree of jersey royals, girolles and coco beans.  Delicious…  Although the frogs legs do taste a bit like chicken!

Now here I must pause to talk about the bread.

From the top moving clockwise.

Bacon and onion.

Sour dough.

Olive and garlic.

So spread your warm bread with a touch of moist rich butter.  Let that rest on your tongue.  Let it melt.  Mhmmm.

Aherm.  But moving on before I drool on my table.

Beef.  But not just any beef.  Cooked for 8 hours together with Celeriac baked in ash, pickled walnut and bone marrow.  A very rich texture and an explosion of BEEF.

Ok I just admit, I prefer a juicy piece of Wagu beef fried for seconds on a hot teppanyaki plate in the middle of Tokyo.  But I guess this is the next best thing.

And to follow this up?

Banana.  Sliced thinly, salted camarel on top, biscuit on the bottom.  Passion fruit to give a twang and ice cream and peanuts to finish.  Savour the sweet, salty and sour taste!  Then offset the hot banana with cold ice cream..

But what’s this?  Raspberries, and whipped ewes milk.

And a small side of little doughnuts.

I never knew ewes milk had such a delicate taste..

But all good things must come to and end…

Although in this end, it was a very bitter sweet ending.

And I mean that literally too.


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