Hk – home!

Back in Hong Kong.  

Ahhh.  Forgot what the air pollution was like here.

Anyway – got back and went for a little hike with my parents as I was a bit jet lagged.  Also spent a bit of time learning how to post-process my photos.

This was the fast way down to the valley.

And after an hour’s easy stroll, this what you see.  There still is some wildness left in HK.  At least when its too steep to build skyscrappers!  And of this is is just a 10 minute taxi ride from my house.

But of course, after all this walking I got hungry.  So it was time for:

Xiao loong bao.  How I have missed you.  Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten 10 of you, but oh well, you only live once.  

More food to come!


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