Sushi Imamura

So.  Based on the recommendations of some friends, decided to try Sushi Immura.  I had high expectations!  It has been over a year I think since I have had proper japanese food.  

Went for lunch, and price wise it was quite reasonable.  Between 130 to 160 HKD for most of the sets.  Also they had the menu in chinese, japanese and english.  Couldn’t really read the chinese menu, but I could read the japanese (well some of it).  I miss Japan..

Appetizer!  Seaweed!  yum yum.  

Mini udon.  I use to hate udon before I went to Japan and tasted the real thing!  This is the real thing.  Slightly chewy with a slightly sweet flavour.  Served with dashi soup, negi, nori and tofu.  mmmmhmm

This sushi set is unfortunately my dad’s and not mine.  All the standard stuff, but he said done very well.  Now why didn’t I get this?



While eating this I thought I was back in Tokyo having just gone to Tsukiji market (except without the cranky raman man Sashimi was very very fresh, and the rice was done just right, with not too much vinegar.  I felt like licking the bowl at the end, but thought that it would be too undignified so I refrained.

Erhm.  Moving on.

Finished off with a yuzu sorbet (ok not so japanese) and red bean cake.  Not bad, but the other courses were much better!

I heard that the omakase course for dinner is even more fantastic!  However, it also carries an awesome price of HKD 800 (like 5 times -_-) but, I still am tempted to try!  Maybe next time I can convince a Japanese food connoisseur to come along… 


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