Hampton court palace

A friend is leaving London next week 😦 so we had a little farewell trip for her.

And off we went to Hampton Court Palace.

Off we go

Although sometimes we got a bit lost.

But more heads help!

We saw great empty halls

With pretty windows.  But little to keep in the heat.  Cold…..  I wouldn’t want to live in a castle.

So we escaped out into the sunlight and had a little trek through the gardens

With just a touch of snow on the ground.

It was also useful for other purposes.  Note the white object in my hand

And score!

Some trekking through the gardens with a lonely walker

And past a lonely tree

Some trees were having more trouble with the recent snow than others

Creating an inhospitable environment.  Fortunately their larger siblings were ok

But do not despair.  Despite the the cold, the snow and some bad icebreaking jokes, things started to look up

So we ran off down the garden path in high spirits


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