Geysers, waterfalls, craters and fine Icelandic cuisine

Next on our stop, the Geysers!

So what’s so special about them?

No you don’t want to take a dip in these… or you mind end up a bit too pink.

Bubble bubble.


And again in slow motion




Of course, many people were busy taking photos/videos

And of course, a little detour to check out another waterfall

And a crater

And looking out over the top

Then off back to town

We decided to go out for a nice meal at a top Icelandic restaurant, the Seafood Grill

Lobster and sea bream starter.  The fried thing is lobster!  Quite a complicated but delicious dish.

Main course.  I think it is halibut and lobster.  Now.  That’s foam on top.  And lots of other weird things like stewed barley and carrot puree.  Now don’t get me wrong, these things are nice to eat, but not all together?  I got the feeling that this was put together to demonstrate technical skill more than anything.

And a deconstructed creme brulee.  Again, quite good in parts, but not that sure about having everything put together.

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