Kyoto – Ginkakuji, the Philosopher’s path and a petal shower

We also went to visit Ginkakuji, the silver temple.


As you can see from the photos, it isn’t really silver.

I was looking high and low for it too.

Apparently, the name the silver temple comes about when the moon shines on the water and reflects on the temple.


But I think the best part of the temple is actually the moss gardens!


We then went 哲学の道, Tetsugaku no michi, otherwise known as the Philosopher’s path.

While walking along the canal lined with sakura trees, you are meant to contemplate the meaning of life.

I was just hungry.


Near the end of the path is this aqueduct.  At first I thought that it was a bit of Rome imported to Japan!


This is the Heian shrine.  Built as a smaller model of the imperial palace and painted all in red!


And here is somemore sakura.


Actually, I lied.  These are actually prayer trees.  You write your prayers on a piece of paper and tie it to the tree and it comes true!

I really believe it.  Just like the place near Kiyomizudera where you have to walk blindfolded between the rocks or even better the place in Nara where you have to squeeze through a hole for good luck.


But anyway, here’s the real thing.


A sakura petal shower!


Now I finally understand where Byakuya finally gets his bankai from.




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