Korea – A Seoulful adventure

As someone has been bugging my constantly to visit Korea I finally decided to drop by.

Now I’ve been to Seoul before, but with a different crew.


This time people had very different tastes.  Take for instance one person’s obsession with Osulluc green tea.


I think we had green tea of some sort every single day we were there.  I think I’ve now met someone who is addicted to green tea…


We visited palaces.


With interesting roofs.


Even though they were reconstructions, that did not detract from their beauty.


Or their vibrancy.


We were also busy making new friends.  Although at some times we pretended that we didn’t know them.  You know you always have “that” friend on trips that likes to do really embarrassing things?  Several of them on this trip.


We also contributed to the swarm of tourists plaguing historical sites.


This is where the Koreans of old retired to prepare poetry.  Or maybe they got exiled to the naughty corner for something.


Random Korean girl waiting for us.  Actually, she was our tour guide.


One of the many dishes we ate.  Spicy soya sauce chicken with glass noodles.  Yum yum.


And so cheap!  It was like GBP6 each…


We also had some time to watch a performance.  No photos allowed inside though, so you have to make do with this photo.  Its a show all about cooking in a kitchen.

I thought it was not bad, but unnecessarily drawn out…  Its showing in the US and the UK I think as well.


And we also did a bit of a wander around the streets of Seoul.  Next stop, off to Jeju island!


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