About quieteating

Quiet eating is a blog dedicated to travels in search of quiet eating.  What’s this you ask?  Originally conceived in January 2010 to mark the start of my secondment to Japan, this blog has now evolved to mark the memorable food and the ancillary steps I have taken to find them.  I have now taken the step of making this site more “professional” (futile as that may be when considering my writing style) by moving to a stand alone server and collaborating with a friend (his details are contained in the page About the quiet eater).

But why name it “quiet eating” rather than “eating” or “stuffing one’s face” or other permutations?  My (and now our) intention is that for this blog the text will not be overwhelming but rather complement the photos, hence allowing for quiet enjoyment without the incessant cackle of a verbose discourse (or at least only during contemplation of witty prose).  Posts are constructed through photos first and words later in keeping with this ethic.

There are no advertisements on this site (as we find them annoying) and all posts are made based on our own opinion.  If we are invited to come for a meal, the blog post will state so but we do not allow invitations to influence our posts!  Starving people we may be, we do not our stomachs overrule our objectivity.

Happy (quiet) reading.


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