Kaiseki Soba

I remember when I was small, I would look forward with eager anticipation to airplane food.  As the air hostesses would glide down the aisles handing out their trays, I would wait in eager anticipation.  What I was waiting for with bated breath was soba noodles.

So on my return to the Land of t… See the full post on my new site here http://www.quieteating.com/kaiseki-soba/

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One of my favourite foods.

Tonkatsu is fried pork cutlets in a light panko batter eaten with shredded cabbage and rice.  I can hear people thinking “it’s just like fish and chips” but it’s so much more!  It has become something of an obsession in Japan with many … See the full post on my new site here http://www.quieteating.com/tonkatsu/

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As you can probably guess from this blog, I love my fried food.  In which case, Japan is heaven.  Forget all you hear about Japanese food being comprised of sushi and other healthy stuff.  Although they look dainty, their diet is far from tasteless!
On my recent trip back to Japan I had to visit … See the full post on my new site here http://www.quieteating.com/tempura/

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As the more perceptive among you may have noticed, I have become unusually taciturn of late.
The reason is because…
no, rats haven’t chewed through my internet wires.
no, I haven’t spilled tea over my computer leaving it to fizzle and die.
no, I haven’t been abducted by… See the full post on my new site here http://www.quieteating.com/sushi/

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A little bit of light

In a break from my usual programme, here is one of my photos featured on the Telegraph.  As some of you may have guessed from my photos of food, I do love to take photos of things to eat or sometimes other interesting things like scenery, buildings and sometimes other monkeys.  I especially id… See the full post on my new site here http://www.quieteating.com/a-little-bit-of-light/

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